Panama City Beach Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours

Panama City Beach Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours

2 Hour Panama City Beach DOLPHIN & SNORKELING Tour

Our 2 hour Panama City Beach dolphin tour we reserve the boat for just your family or group and the captain. Keep in mind that the Coast Guard has set the maximum number of passengers at 6, kids of all ages included.

During our 2 hour tour your captain will take you to Panama City Pass, where the Gulf of Mexico meets St. Andrews Bay. This is where we locate dolphins and will show you how to get in the water and see them up close.

Cost# Of PeopleDuration
$3006 (Less if you choose)2 Hrs

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Swim with Panama City’s resident pod of wild bottle-nosed dolphins

Panama City Beach Private Family-Group Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours

You can motor in our boats built for cruising while watching beautiful dolphins in their natural environment and swimming with them.

 Our boats are actual dive boats so the children will love finding and seeing the dolphins and having the opportunity to snorkel in the water just like a real SCUBA diver.

 Unlike the larger tour boats that carry up to 175 people, this Dolphin Tour carries only 6 passengers (children of all ages included). Now, larger groups always create lots of noise, which disturbs the dolphins and drives them away. The best thing is that we will expertly get you in the water fast, and most importantly, without scaring the dolphins away.

Your captain will instruct you on the best method of entering the water and seeing the dolphins up close and personal.

Swimming parallel with the dolphins rather than swimming toward them or reaching out for them (this is also illegal), we will allow the dolphins to come to us (best, most ethical method).


You will enter the water before the dolphins arrive. In this manner, the dolphins will get curious and instead of swimming away, they’ll be drawn towards us. The dolphins can be finicky and the more we “pretend” they are not there, the more curious they become.

You can relate this to people who only seem to get interested in someone they are dating when that person shows the least indication of caring. Ask your mmm about this, she probably was in the same kind of situation when dating your dad!

Snorkeling Shell Island in Panama City Beach FLORIDA

During the second leg of your excursion, you’ll come across the best of what St Andrews Bay has to offer in terms of wildlife. These include birds like herons, ospreys, and pelicans, underwater marine life like hermit crabs, sea urchins, sea horses, blue crabs, and starfish, plus all the animal life on Shell Island. Explore Shell Island for sand dollars and shells. Snorkel grass flats and discover St. Andrews Bay along the Gulf of Mexico.

 You will arrive at your snorkeling destination where your captain will get in the water with you and show you how to find seashells and other sea life. Booking this private trip will allow you to make the call regarding how you would like to spend your tour time to ensure you spend the time exactly as you dreamed it to be.

All snorkeling is waiting for you on the boat AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. For your refreshments, the onboard cooler will have Capri Suns and/or complimentary bottled water. Better yet, you can come with your own drinks, food and BYOB.

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If you cancel within 24 hours of the date/time of the trip, you won’t be refunded your money since it’ll take significant time to reserve the spots for other tour passengers, and you’ll have to pay the entire tour charge for your group.